PTO Officers



The Executive Committee of the PTO are elected by the Members, with the exception of the Principal. Every elected officer serves for a term of one (1) year. Officer elections take place at the May meeting for the following school year.





President – Krista Freedman

The President presides at all PTO meetings, appoints committees necessary to assist in the affairs of the Corporation, and performs other necessary duties determined by the Members.

Vice President – April Stilwell

The Vice President is an active member in the PTO and shall perform all duties incumbent upon the President during the absence or disability of the President(s).

Secretary – Jen Rhoda

The Secretary is an active member in the PTO, attends all PTO meetings, and keeps a complete record of the proceedings. The secretary will see that all notices from the PTO are duly given, mailed or delivered, in accordance with the provision of the Bylaws.

Treasurer – Kerry McGarry

The Treasurer maintains a correct and complete record of account showing the financial condition of the PTO. The treasurer will present a written financial report of the PTO Corporation at each monthly meeting. The Treasurer and the Principal are the legal custodians of all monies, notes, securities, and other valuables and deposit all funds in a reliable bank account in the name of the Corporation. The treasurer must be an employee at University Elementary.

Principal – Glen Hopkins

The Principal of University Elementary School also serve on the PTO Executive Committee. The Principal is the liaison between the PTO Members and the faculty/staff of University Elementary, provides the PTO with periodic reports on school programs and projects, and assists school faculty/staff with presentations of budget requests to the PTO. The Principal is not a voting member of the PTO Corporation.


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