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The University School Parent Teacher Organization is a 501(c)(3) Indiana Nonprofit Corporation comprised of members who are committed to the educational goals of University Elementary School. The role of the Corporation is to support the educational programs of University Elementary School, to encourage parental involvement, and to promote a sense of community among families, faculty, and staff.


Educational: The programs of this Corporation shall be educational and shall be developed through conferences, committees, projects, and meetings.

Noncommercial: This Corporation shall be nonsectarian, noncommercial, and nonpartisan. All proceeds earned from fundraisers are used to support educational programs and projects within University Elementary School. No elected Officer or Member in the Corporation receives payment or other compensation for their service.

Advisory: This Corporation shall not seek to direct the administrative activities of University Elementary School or control its policies.

Cooperative: This Corporation may cooperate with other organizations and agencies active in child education and welfare, such as conference groups or coordinating councils.


Any parent, guardian, or other adult standing in place of a parent for a student enrolled in University Elementary School and the faculty and staff of University Elementary School. There are no membership dues. You do not need to participate in meetings to be considered a member. There are many ways to be active with the PTO and all forms of contribution are welcome and appreciated!


Budget: A tentative budget shall be drafted in May for the upcoming school year and approved by a majority vote of members present at the first August meeting. The fiscal year shall coordinate with the school year, August 1-July 31

Miscellaneous Expenses: A majority vote of members present must approve any unbudgeted expenses, funds allowing, that are over $300.

Records: A copy of the Organization’s IRS Form 1023 and copies of the organization’s annual information returns (IRS Form 990 or 990EZ) for the most recent three (3) years will be kept by the treasurer and available for public review if requested.


Meetings: Regular meetings of this Corporation are held monthly during the school year every second Tuesday of the month. Our first meeting will be held on the third Tuesday, August 17th from 6-7:00 p.m.

Special Meetings: A special meeting may be held within ten (10) days advance notice from the Officers to the Members.

Agenda: The President(s) shall prepare and distribute an agenda for all meetings of this Corporation.

Parliamentary Authority: In case of conflict, the rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern the Corporation in all cases to which they are applicable.

Voting: Five (5) members must be present and voting to constitute a quorum for the transaction of business in any meeting of the Corporation. Actions and decisions of the Corporation shall be approved upon a majority of those Members voting.

(If you would like to review a complete copy of our Bylaws, please email [email protected] Thank you!)

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